Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oral History Project

Dr. Robert Schmick addressed the January 13th meeting of the Brewer Historical Society at the Brewer Auditorium. Dr. Schmick is the Director of Education at the Curran Homestead Living History Farm and Museum. Presently he is obtaining oral histories of individuals in the area and will incorporate taped interviews and pictures into internet accessible programs. That means that an important link to the past will be made available to everyone. Students and members of the community can use present day technology to obtain information from those who have personal recollections of Brewer during the twentieth century and before. I would hope that each member of the historical society as well as Brewer citizens would reflect on the legacy that could be left to the community by contacting Dr. Schmick to discuss the possibility of being recorded for posterity. I am sure that many people have reflections of Brewers past, be it of one of the industries such as lumbering, ice harvesting, brick making, ship building, Eastern Manufacturing, milling, or a myriad of other businesses. In addition you have recollection of events and stories that could be passed down to future generations. I encourage you to contact Dr. Schmick at rpschmick1@aol.com


  1. I guess we didn't wait long enough for blogspot to invite me as a contributor, but I got the email later in the afternoon. My jaw hurt from all the yapping I did; I was wound up about all these projects. I can add stuff just like you now, and this site appears with my other blogs on my dashboard. The next step is to get some Brewer and Maine web entities to have a link to our BHS blog. Happy Blogging!

  2. Oh, by the way, now that I showed you how to comment, I wouldn't mind getting some comments on my blogs. It's nice to get some feedback that I am being read. I wrote an interesting piece on Mastodons today; I'll let you know when I post it.